To use xarray-pickler in a project:

import xarray_pickler

To use the open_dset function

from xarray_pickler import open_dset

dpath = "/badc/cmip6/data/CMIP6/CMIP/IPSL/IPSL-CM6A-LR/historical/r1i1p1f1/Amon/rlds/gr/v20180803"

# specify extra kwargs to use with xarray.open_mfdataset()
kwargs = {'parallel': True}

ds = open_dset(dpath, **kwargs)
return ds

In etc/config.ini there are settings that can be configured.

Any section of the configuration file can be overwritten by creating a new INI file with the desired sections and values and then setting the environment variable PICKLE_CONFIG as the file path to the new INI file. e.g. PICKLE_CONFIG="path/to/config.ini"

The configuration settings used are listed and explained below. Explanations will be provided as comments in the code blocks if needed. Examples are provided so these settings will not necesarily match up with what is used.

Specifying types

It is possible to specify the type of the entries in the configuration file, for example if you want a value to be a list when the file is parsed.

This is managed through a [config_data_types] section at the top of the INI file which has the following options:

# use only in xarray-pickler
lists = pickle_dirs
dicts =
ints = dir_grouping_level
floats =
boolean = use_cftime remove_archive_dir_in_path
# use the below if using the xarray-pickler config settings in other packages
extra_lists =
extra_dicts =
extra_ints =
extra_floats =
extra_booleans =

Simply adding the name of the value you want to format after = will render the correct format. e.g. boolean = use_cftime remove_archive_dir_in_path will set both use_cftime and remove_archive_dir_in_path as booleans.


The settings that can be configured are:

# the default settings that will be used everytime an xarray.Dataset object is opened.
use_cftime = True
combine = by_coords

# how many directory levels to join together to create the name of the pickle file - this reduces the length of the file path
dir_grouping_level = 4
# the path to the pickle file stores, to be listed in the order they should be checked for existing pickles.
pickle_dirs = /badc/cmip6/metadata/xarray-pickles /gws/nopw/j04/cp4cds1_vol1/metadata/xarray-pickles
# the directory to write new pickle files to
writeable_pickle_dir = /gws/nopw/j04/cp4cds1_vol1/metadata/xarray-pickles
# directories where the archive data is stored
archive_dir = /badc/cmip6/data/
# whether to remove the archive dir from the full pickle file path
remove_archive_dir_in_path = True